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Find out more, The Harbour Authority works on VHF Channel 14, "Poole Harbour Control" and a listening watch is wise.

Main Channel/Middle Ship Channel/Small Craft Channel For the main channel leave this buoy on your starboard hand and proceed in a generally northerly direction picking up the channel marked by conical green buoys on your starboard hand, and red cans on the port side.Small craft moorings lay either side of this channel and you will be sharing this part of the channel with ships so vigilance is required.The channel then makes a swing to the North West in the region of the easterly Cardinal buoy Aunt Betty (Q(3).10s), and before this well outside the port side of the Channel lies the fuel barge.If not heading for the above-mentioned facilities but continuing westwards towards the Wareham Channel and in the boat channel, keep following the buoyage noticing the Ro Ro terminal and ship turning basin to starboard.The boat channel ends with the red can buoy number 36. R.2s) and this lies opposite Poole Yacht Club's private marina.Swinging to port and running parallel to the Town Quay will bring you to the lifting bridge which allows access to Holes Bay, Cobbs Quay Marina, and Sunseekers Factory and marina.

Anchoring is not allowed near the bridge although waiting pontoons can be found.

Members also have access to 1667 charts and UK tidal flow atlases in full screen zoomable format, plus i Pad format charts, and the ability to lay these charts over Google Earth satellite imagery with variable transparency.

Membership is a great tool for those who move around at sea.

By leaving the red can buoyage to starboard, and the red topmarked posts to port one can follow the edge of the Main Ship Channel, whilst remaining out of it.

If in this small craft channel and aiming for the Town Quay or Holes Bay lookout for number 28 red can buoy (Q.

Poole is Europe's largest natural harbour, and attracts a multitude of water sports enthusiasts of all kinds.