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Speed dating junkie

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This is particularly prevalent for the 40 something age group.You are trying to build your careers, you have a lot of pressure and dating and finding a relationship is not top of your list. Recently I asked a client to list her life goals in terms of priorities and relationships came 6th for her.

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Whether you’re a gym junkie, love participating in sports or outdoor activities or just feel that staying active and fit are and important part of your lifestyle, this is your opportunity to meet other like-minded singles.Lets face it in the main we are not taught to plan our lives very effectively.So we get used to back loading our tasks and activities.These ways of meeting potential dates and finding relationships has become part of the 21st century culture because of peoples perceived lack of time .If you perceive yourself as having little time then you look for the fastest and most efficient way of doing things.The more people I meet the more likely I am to meet someone who is for me.

Well I would like to dispel that myth; it is not about numbers but essentially about quality and fit.

INCLUSIONS: * Up to 15 dates * Appetizers * A great evening out!

Salvation in a little book, Dating Dos and Don’ts : A Single’s Rulebook to an explosive love life is your ticket to Speed dating 101!

After all you meet a lot of people in a very short amount of time.

This way of looking at dating and finding relationships is the numbers game attitude.

I have termed this kind of behaviour the deadline junkie.