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Be wary of all the fake reviews that they posted here; most (all? I find the company to be accommodating and professional. The next day you anxiously await an e-mail to let you know if the guys you wrote down , also w rote you down. The event was just starting so we grabbed our sheet, got the low down and next thing we knew there were real life guys vying for our attention. We returned and there were really nice appetizers for everyone.) of the positive reviews are fake and were not written by actual people who engaged in this very shady business. The second time I went to a spot in Adams Morgan called Grand Central. It's a good place too but the service can be hit or miss. Both nights the crew, crowd and atmosphere were cool, comfortable and casual. It's kinda funny because there were a couple of dudes my friend and I both liked but because they attacked the food tray like they hadn't eaten in days, we rethought our decision about them and noted their grubby hands on our sheet.

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They even threatened to bad list me on multiple sites. They continue to harrass me by email and are now threatening to defame me by posting that I am a bad customer.Neither of us had any idea what to expect but quickly realized that there was nothing to fear.We arrived at a restaurant in West Hollywood called STK. We met the hosts who explained to us how the night would work.Some men were gentleman about letting the ladies go first - others were not and we both quickly noted this on our rating sheet.All in all everyone was very nice and seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The events sell out really quick so you have to the use the force to get into this place. I need a housekeeper anyway so what the hell :-) The venue was nice, the dishes they brought out yummy and the drinks super, super strong but what the hell right? We registered and attended an event at bagatelle in west hollywood. We arrived late because of traffic but the hosts were nice and helpful in getting us set up. In the middle they stop for a short break so everyone can catch their breath or make a run for the restroom.

:-) I finally managed to book an event with this company. Liked the whole british angle and their relaxed approach I've never been speed dating before but like everyone else, I've seen it in the movies and tv and such. By now the drink is settling in and I am loose as a goose, witty and flirty. Two worked in diff fields and one was out of work but I didn't care. We checked out speed la and thought it looked like the spot to get our groove on.

This is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. God forbid you have a complaint..totally make you feel like you did something wrong for complaining... Each date was only 3 minutes, and it was too damn loud to have a good conversation. If one picked a random cross-section of women in Santa Monica they would be better-looking than this, but there appears to be a problem of adverse selection, which is to be expected given the total lack of any pre-screening of the participants.

THEN..Jon Laurent would not stop emailing me after I requested that he not. According to the organizers, this always sells out for women months in advance, but men can still sign up until the last minute.

Then I get an email, apparently from one of the partners, Jon Laurent. I met some nice guys and met some nice girls for friends. Whether it is better than typical online dating - I am mixed on.

In my opinion he was not sincerely apologetic and basically tried to make me look like I was "bullying" the company by filing a complaint. If you want a fun night out with friends - you should def. My first time there: 4 out of 19 women canceled, so there was some gender imbalance and downtime.

Probably not entirely fair to my current dates, but I couldn't help myself. This happened about 10 times before I got to the guys I really wanted to talk to. My best friend and I thought we needed to get out of the apartment and meet some cool dudes.