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When tourism was first imposed on villages, rich outsiders bought up the beachfront land for a pittance and put up hotels before the villagers could realize the value of the land.The more resourceful villagers who had land or houses near the beach opened their doors first, as guest houses or restaurants, while the rest had to search for other opportunities, such as providing unlicensed lodging, eating houses, sale of tourist garments, handicrafts and other wares.

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This was the beginning of the tourist experience of most resorts today - among them Bentota, Panadura, Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna in the south coast, and Negombo, a town near the Colombo international airport. Lavinia, a suburb of Colombo, is popular, especially with gay tourists.Prostitution is illegal in Sri Lanka and has not become as developed an employment source as it is in Thailand or the Philippines.Female prostitutes operate undercover with a network of exploitative agents, pimps, and taxi drivers who take a significant share of their earnings.They may have been abandoned by their husbands and left to feed three or more children.They may be young women who have been subjected to rape or sexual abuse and then shunned by society.So, despite tourism's adverse long term socio-cultural effects, its over-estimated economic benefits seem to override all policy and planning decisions.

Tourism in its modern form developed only after the 1960's in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), although there have been many travellers to the island throughout ancient and colonial times.

I will be mentioning resorts primarily in the southern and western coastal areas of the country where tourism is most developed, although inland areas have not been completely spared.

The eastern and northern areas have been inaccessible to tourists since the 1980's due to the ongoing separatist war in these regions.

School girls are also lured into this work for the money.

Women seem aware of the threat of AIDS and other social diseases and have regular medical checks and treatment.

Within the course of a few years, drug peddling, illegal gem businesses, petty trade, guided tours and prostitution offered additional income.