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Starr spangler dating

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He kids me all the time that the older he gets, the faster I am "catching" up to him. During my life, I have struggled with a terrible disease called endometriosis.It ravaged my reproductive system, and at the age of 19 (a couple of years before I married Gene), I was told that I would probably never have children because of the complications of multiple surgeries.

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As I changed the tubes and cleaned his dressing each day, I couldn’t help but worry about the outcome of this testing. If I was sick, I would be losing weight or having night sweats or something! Pages were coming in over the loudspeaker that he was needed in Surgery Room One. " And with that, the doctor was gone and we were left alone in the room. But mostly, I just didn’t want Gene to break down……yet……here……ever.Thankfully, that doctor was wrong, and we had a daughter the first year of our marriage, a few months after Gene turned 49.We named her Barbara Louise (after both of our mothers), but she has always gone by "Louie." Louie is now 18, and attends Concord University where she is studying to be a special education teacher." We found out there could be many things…….a cold, a virus, an infection, etc.Lymph nodes were your body’s defense, they informed us, and they were defending his body against something. At least, we knew that his biopsy didn’t show anything cancerous, so we tried to put it out of our minds.In August, when it seemed the two lymph nodes on the right side had fused and become larger, we went back to the doctor to see what we needed to do.

Because the first one had showed no sign of cancer cells, he told us to just watch and wait, and if there was any Dec.

I have a good relationship with his first wife, and I don’t believe his children have ever considered me as a "step-mother," but rather as someone who loves their father very much.

After Gene taking care of me for so many years of our marriage while he remained as healthy as a horse, I teased him last year on our first trip to the doctor for himself.

14, 2009, almost exactly a year after they removed the first lymph node, Gene went in to have this suspicious lymph node removed. 21, 2009, we went to the hospital to have our doctor remove the tube from the incision.

Once again, he tolerated the surgery well, but was left with a drain tube that would relieve the fluid build-up inside the incision. Also, he was supposed to have the results of the testing, and we were anxious to get that information.

I guess the most obvious difference between us would be our age: I am 40, while Gene is just a few months away from turning 68.