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Starview 2 updating

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Following its installation on computers running Unix and Linux, begin Star View by typing at the system prompt.

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JIPA and VTT can also display an image's FITS header, under the JIPA "Tools" menu.The results of the search will then be displayed in the bottom panel of Star View, as shown in figure 1.1. name, and image central wavelength (corresponding to particular instrument filters or gratings).These results include the dataset name, instrument name, R. and Dec of the target, and the instrument aperture used. Clicking on a given dataset in the Results table will display the information shown in the cells above it (Proposal ID, Release Date, P. You may browse through the retrieved datasets either by using the mouse and scroll bar, or by using the navigation buttons (Scan, Previous, Next) in the top row of mouse buttons.The "References" button provides a link to any known published papers citing the dataset, as listed in ADS.Note that the HST images displayed by the Preview are of reduced quality compared to the actual data files, and cannot be downloaded.Note that these parameters could also have been specified in the Qualifications section, as can other parameters including proposal I. The Scan option will automatically step through all of the files retrieved in the search, provided that the right most button at the bottom of the Results window is toggled to "Update." If this button is toggled to "No Update," the Scan option will go straight to the end of the list of files.

The ability to obtain a preview is available for many, but not all, of the datasets in the HDA (e.g., previews are not available for many FOC datasets).

The Star View session then begins, first with an Information window explaining navigation within Star View, and a request for the user to specify an object name resolver (SIMBAD or NED) for use in HDA searches.

The first-time user are asked to supply their e-mail information in order to allow Star View to communicate the results of its attempts to retrieve the files requested from the HDA.

This is done with the "Preview" button, if it is enabled.

For images, this will display a re-sampled version of the image using the Java Image Preview Application (JIPA) tool that is part of Star View.

There is also the "All" button, which will mark all the datasets retrieved in the search.