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Starview 3 keeps updating

For domestic customers, this may take 15-120 minutes (times may vary depending on device).

Usually, you have to right-click on your USB flash drive.I can share some logs (or collect more specific ones) if that helps, let me know...I have a very frustrated 7 year old who is desperate to be involved in the beta!Hello I have tried the 4.4 and 4.4.1 hyperdeck driver update on a Windows 7 and a Windows 8.1 machine and get the same result - that is.... update I connect the hyperdeck shuttle to the PC with the necessary USB cable and allow the driver to install - (assume it uses a BM driver as the driver install tells me it is looking for the driver through Windows Update)But the shuttle is recognised as being connected to the PCWhen I start the hyperdeck update program I am informed that the Hyperdeck shuttle 2 needs an update and I must not switch off anything until this completes - which it does after a few minutes.All good so far as this is the expected behavior BUT....I have gone back to the 4.3 drivers as the 4.4 drivers keep making me update the Hyperdeck shuttle.

Make sure that your USB flash drive is formatted to FAT32 and not NTFS and that it has no other plf file.

In the options menu, does the version number at the bottom left say "1.0.2" or "1.0.3"? My problem is that whenever I try to update my daughter's piper, by clicking update, nothing seems to happen, there is no date at all. @Camicazi I've got the same problem as that reported by people above, the update doesn't seem to proceed, no matter how long I wait. I can see that the box is trying to reach piperwebserver.which seems to resolve to a server on but there is nothing there and the attempt ends up in a 404.

There is a red light glowing inside the Wi Fi part of the piper, so I am assuming I am connected correctly to the Wi Fi, so I didn't know if that is the problem or not. Maybe it would be usefull to display a failure to the user after a little while rather than just wait indefinitely...

When I change the recording format from Uncompressed to DNXHD MXF and click save - I am again told that the Hyperdeck shuttles needs to be updated and I must not switch off anything until this completes.

It does the update again and reverts the recording format to uncompressed.

For our foreign customers, this language update will take about an hour, as great as Obi-Wan is at harnessing the power of the force, it still takes time to teach him a new language.