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Starview box keeps updating data

In the past, when you scrolled thorough the channels to see what was on next, it would also change the channel. Now though, you can scroll through the channels to see what’s on, without changing channel.

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What about reinstalling the image and that will rule out a software issue.Is there any log that I can look at which will tell me what's caused the reboot?Some information about my install: 1) I'm using the 24/04/2012 official image 2) I use a USB stick for EPG and picons (picons show up OK) 3) I have an internal HDD, but the default is set to use a networked folder for recording, etc What about reinstalling the image and that will rule out a software issue.Please Note: While both DVI-I (analog mode) and DVI-D (digital only) are supported by the KVM, both source PCs should output the same signal type for proper switching.It is recommended wherever possible to use DVI-D cables across all PC to KVM and KVM to Console connections.Specifications are exactly the same, even though it’s advertised as being an upgrade.

Looking closely at the system, the only change really is the EPG (Electronic Programming Guide).

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If you think it maybe overheating then remove the cover and get a normal house fan blowing on the board as this will keep it cool enough.

Are you serious that I need a normal house fan to keep this cool? How long does the Twin show the 'press ok to flash' screen for?

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