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Superantispyware not updating

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Obviously, SUPERAnti Spyware must be installed on your computer for the updater to work.All it takes is double-clicking on the installer, and a popup screen will appear, prompting you for permission to install the definitions and restart SUPERAnti Spyware.

However, if the Internet connection is missing, the signatures will not be downloaded and installed.I have checked my ZA Application Control Settings, and SAS is allowed and trusted.I have 'Super Anti Spyware Application - SUPERANTISPYWARE. You have installed a very old version, likely to contain undisclosed vulnerability or bugs.It is advisable that you periodically (or even daily) check for available definition updates, as the SUPERAnti Spyware team permanently analyzes samples and releases updates to ensure their anti-spyware utility works as it should, safeguarding any user’s computer.Hi, I don't know how many of you are using Zone Alarm Free Firewall and Super Anti Spyware free but I am having issues.We recommend consulting with the technical documentation and support resources provided by your ISP and/or system administrator if you are unsure of the proper network settings to use with your PC. Your firewall has active exceptions created for SUPERANTISPYWARE. EXE, the two SUPERAnti Spyware applications that connect to the Internet.

Depending on the firewall you use, the method for creating an exception for (a.k.a.

Our Multi-Dimensional Scanning and Process Interrogation Technology will detect spyware that other products miss!

SUPERAnti Spyware will remove ALL the Spyware, NOT just the easy ones!

This is done by adult pornography "codec" installations.

Other misconfigurations of DNS settings are also possible. XXX (actual IP addresses may vary) These numbers may be invalid.

EXE' and 'Super Anti Spyware Update Application - SSUPDATE64. The only way I can get SAS to update is to turn off my ZA Application Control, update SAS, then turn on my ZA Application Control. I am using: Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit ZA free Firewall (Just the firewall, not the antivirus etc) SAS free If ZA is the culprit then most likely the ZA databases (where ZA settings are stored) are corrupted. Running old security tools is like running no tools.