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Part of Chungking Mansions’ charm is the colourful mix of cuisines: on day one of my 48-hour stay, it was a Turkish breakfast courtesy of a fine lamb kebab with mint sauce and tender chicken tikka from Bismillah Kebab House on the first floor.

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The dishes are served with brick-like slabs of semolina fufu, the perfect sauce soaker. And it’s easy to find a feed with 18 licensed restaurants (not including small stalls, snack shops and secret restaurants) serving up a smorgasbord of cuisine from Indian and Middle Eastern to Chinese, Thai and African.Follow us as we tuck into Turkish, Indian and African food, seek out secret restaurants, explore stairwells and rooftops and share lifts with people from all over the world, before crashing out in rooms just big enough to fit a mattress There are no fancy signs or flashing neon lights.Just three words scribbled in black pen on white paper and stuck to a door with pink duct tape.I like the Blue Bar at the Four Seasons.” Mikolaj from Poland is visiting a friend.“I could never live in Hong Kong – it’s too crowded.” Mexican friends Gabriel and Fernandon have just checked in and they’re not happy.The only thing I couldn’t get here in that time was peace of mind.” Scooping up the remnants of his breakfast curry, Uppal says a man who runs an electronics shop on the ground floor was almost killed this morning: “Chopped.

There’s a lot a police there – and a lot of blood.” He’s right.

A man offers me a cup, but I’m unable to grab it, swept up in the sea of people. To reach the 17th floor you have to walk one floor up the staircases (if you want some impressive panoramic views of the city, head up the stairwells to the building’s roof).

The lifts are small and slow, the metallic floors worn shiny after years of foot traffic.

“Our room is small and dirty,” says Gabriel as she exits the lift.

“Come and have a look.” Their room, in a hostel on block A, has bunk beds and is small but typical of the cramped accommodation that might shock those who book without doing their homework first.

Hong Kong couple Mr and Mrs Leung live in Chungking Mansions: “My mum has run a hostel here for 30 years …