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Though it has a rich history, the Tata Group accelerated its global footprint over the past two decades under Ratan’s leadership.

Today, Tata is the fifth largest producer of trucks in the world. Meanwhile, its local India car business is struggling.It is India’s richest and most illustrious private business conglomerate with interests spanning from steel to salt, tea to trucks, cars to computer software, and a storied history dating back to the mid-19th century.The Tata Group – founded in 1868, with operations today in more than 100 countries – is the country’s most widely known business group.In 2000, Tata Tea acquired the iconic British brand Tetley.This was a significant moment in the emerge85 world.In Ratan’s two-decade tenure, the Tata Group’s revenues grew from $6bn to $100bn.

Here are the Top 10 Tata Group moments of the 21st century, the good, the bad, and the ugly (in chronological order).

It has also seen soaring growth in its consultancy services arm, with customers including the world’s leading insurers, banks, and consulting firms.

That is why the current, highly public battle between the ousted executive chairman of Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry, and the patriarch of the family and now interim chairman, Ratan Tata, has captured national and global headlines (Mistry replaced Ratan in 2012).

Ratan’s supporters note the acquisition strategy under his leadership expanded the brand globally, and created a more diversified source of revenue that would serve the company well in the long term.

Tata clearly went big, with much of the activity taking place from 2000 to 2010.

Members of the board of Tata Sons, the holding company that owns the largest share in the Tata Group, are about as close to business royalty as you get in India.