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‘Intriguing’ was up there with ‘challenging’ or ‘revolutionary’. Embracing the modern while looking back at the past, while utilising the materials you have to hand. “Any time you wanna tell me it speaks to you, go right ahead.” “Your assistant normally takes care of sales, doesn’t she? Dean took another bite of his sandwich as the other man gave a small smile. So if you got the green, you can have it.” “After the show.” “Mmmm.” The stranger looked down at the iron swirls, which came up to their waists, the rest of the form looking strangely empty without the adornments. But this brother rarely got a mention, although there was always excitement if someone caught a blurry glimpse of him in the back of a photograph. Here’s my card,” Castiel passed a business card over, and smiled back faintly.I like that you use a relevant material to help tell the piece. I was just wondering how you managed to defy gravity so easily with it.” “So, you want that one? “I have a proposition for you, if you would at consider it? There was something intriguing about being allowed into this guy’s world. “I look forward to seeing you again soon.” He wound his way back towards the office, and Dean watched him go, chewing on his sandwich once again.

And now he's preparing for a show at a local gallery, showcasing the best of his creations.“I was interested in getting a new piece from a skilled craftsman. Your assistant said it would be possible to look at some pieces that might be suitable.” “Sure you can afford me? “It’s intriguing.” “Uh-huh.” Dean didn’t have much time for anyone who thought they could throw out buzz-words in an attempt to sound knowledgeable. “Another one,” he pointed up at the piece made from bent coat hangers that was suspended from the ceiling. It was one of his most personal pieces, and Dean hadn’t yet slapped a price tag on it. Maybe if the guy started chattering about the fragmented image of the heart within the cage and the fragility of the glass or all the other bullshit that of course Dean had considered when creating this piece, he could sneak over and grab his sandwich, choke it down while the guy talked about its commentary on the fleeting nature of emotions and the human condition. I like different.” “Uh-huh.” “Would this be out of my price range? He carried the sandwich back out amongst his creations and sought the guy out, finding him in front of his latest project, a half-made person comprised of iron curlicues. It would keep Charlie in cosplay and Comic Con’s for life. Dean didn’t follow the family avidly, but Michael and Luke were always cutting business deals and swanning around in the press like they owned everyone, while Gabriel and Balthazar were the party brothers, pissing their fortune away in various nightclubs and vacations with a crowd of good-looking women and once or twice, a few guys.Even if they were one of the best looking guys he’d seen in a while. “Collection,” he pointed to the sculptures made of engine parts. Of course, this comes from the girl who likes to play dress up at the weekend in the local park.” Dean shrugged, and rounded a glass work, eyeing his lunch ten feet away. He rarely wanted to keep his creations, but this one was a little different. Or whatever other crap Sam had used to describe it when he was securing the heart inside. “I like this one.” “It’s not done.” “I like its potential.” “It’s going in the show.” “I can wait. ” “It’s going to cost you.” They stood either side of the iron figure. ” “I’m thinking this one’s going to end up nearer ten thousand. okay, thankfully there was nothing of Balthazar Novak about this guy. It didn’t matter what magazine or newspaper you picked up, be it Sam’s copy of Forbes or Charlies gossip rags (Dean had read them both in the can) a Novak was always there.* Go for like minded individuals: Sharing mutual interest with each other helps you to make your bond stronger.Try to open up to others and to get them to open up to you by listening to them and share your mutual interests as it works best to accomplish your goals.It felt good to get up in the morning, come down and beat metal into shape until one of his siblings brought him back to the real world.

Right now he was alone in his studio, just him and his sandwich, having their moment.

Dean leaned against one of the more solid pieces, the interlocking steel girders, and folded his arms, waiting. Instead, he was looking at the cog sculpture again. ” Dean was annoyed that his meatball sub was once again going to be cold by the time he got to it, but he wasn’t stupid enough to chase away a sale, or be totally rude to this Adonis. Four hundred dollars.” The other guy gave a small smile. If you trust me.” “Can you tell the difference between equipment and art? But you might get lucky and sell me a soldering iron for a five hundred per cent mark up.” Dean swallowed down a smile as he sat back at the table, and dug back into his now cold sandwich. I mean …” Castiel broke off, rubbing the back of his neck, and Dean shrugged. ” Dean supplied, and then took a bite of the sandwich.

Trying to play it cool, and not show how much he was already attracted to this man. He reached out a hand to touch the curve of the statue’s elbow, and Dean cleared his throat. He stood up and thrust his thumb at the nearest completed work. I don’t want you to laugh me out the studio by going too low, or too high.” Ugh, could this guy not just let him eat already? ” The client smiled easily, scratching at a spot behind his ear and somehow messing up his hair more than it already was. The guy, whoever he was, was actually pretty funny. But Dean couldn’t enjoy his meal as much as he had been, and not just because it was now cold. “You do have the temperament.” Dean chewed his mouthful and contemplated Castiel’s offer.

I’m sure when we find him, he’ll give you the tour.” Dean left his lunch on the bench regretfully, and moved through the cluster of his work to find his younger sister in her brightly colored clothes that only highlighted her bright red hair - and matched her bright personality - peering around the piece comprised entirely of cogs. He was handsome in a preppy, well-dressed sort of way, with bright blue eyes and messy dark hair. Probably some manager looking for artwork to decorate his office, by orders higher up the hierarchy. But if I made it for the gallery, you’re going to have to wait for it.” “That sounds reasonable. You didn’t tell Charlie, it would have been the first thing she’d blab about.” “No, I didn’t. ” “Because the entire time we’ve been talking, you’ve been more interested in your sandwich than in showing off your achievements or your client base.

There was a man with her, standing with his back to Dean. Charlie whipped around a moment later and beamed at him. Potential buyer,” Charlie nodded at the guy who smiled, but said nothing. He’s a artist.” She skipped away, leaving Dean with the guy, who hadn’t even tried to introduce himself. May I look around, or will you show me some pieces? I don’t think Subway would let you get away with hijacking their brand.” “Probably not.” “I’ll leave you to your lunch, and continue looking around, if that’s okay? I realize that it might be awkward, that you might not …

Like a reward for progressing with his latest work. He’d been working hard on his latest sculpture, lost in the details that he was trying to build up into something beautiful, when Charlie had reminded him that he had to eat.