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Thank you for your wonderful organisation that brought us together. It’s now over a year since then and we are still together and very very happy. and unfortunately I’ve been a bit lazy, and pre-occupied!! Together we had wanted to write a success story but not just a few words etc, something more elaborate. September 2001 Just wanted to thank you for the VMM service you provide as it has changed my life!Since at the moment it’s a long distance relationship, and when we get together we obviously want to spend time together, unfortunately this ‘success story’ has been sadly neglected. So at this point I would like to say thank you for allowing me to meet F. and I haven’t been shy in telling people how we met. I have just returned from a week’s holiday in Cornwall with another VMM-er.

” I’d say “Yes, it does and there definitely are plenty of genuine people out there seeking a lifelong partner”.It only lasted for a few months, and that was that.I signed back up for Veggiematchmakers and met someone a few weeks later. I am now exploring a committed relationship so will not be renewing.The man I’m now with ‘grew on me’ as every hour passed that I spent with him. So thank you very much, I don’t really want to ‘count my chickens’, though. I know nothing about our future, but I can say with confidence that M is the person I’ve met through VMM who feels, or rather with whom I feel, most empathy and affinity – and that’s going back ’til 1987! VMM is, and has been for me, a comforting presence down the years.He was my very final VMM date and I was extremely blase and non-hopeful about meeting him. I also don’t want to meet anyone else at the moment so I think it would be best if you remove my profile from the VMM site. March 2002 Hi, Just writing to let you know that since D & I met via VMM 2 years ago, he moved in with me in September 2001, we exchanged contracts on our new home today and we are getting married on 3rd May 2003! November 2002 I believe my current membership to be coming to an end quite soon now – a time perhaps to thank you for bringing M. If my association is to continue at some future time, I will rejoice in that.And maybe in the near future you wont mind if you receive our written success story? (Incidentally, we stayed in the most wonderful Veggie Hotel!

) Rather than just paint our success story however, I wanted to tell you and others what I had learnt from VMM.

We are still getting to know each other but I’m feeling like a besotted teenager…. Undoubtedly without VMM we would not have found one another and we both say thank you and wish you all the best for the future too.

July 2003 I would like you to know that I have found a wonderful man through VMM and as such I wish my profile to be withdrawn. July 2003 I would like my name removed from the dating database.

) April 2003 Hi, Just a quick note to say how much I’ve got from being a VMM member. S is the most amazing woman in the world and its wonderful I met her through VMM. The whole wedding experience was wonderful, it truly was the happiest day of my life.

I’ve met some interesting women and really enjoyed the experience. I’ve recently met someone very special through VMM. I’d like to thank you for the wonderful service that you provide and would encourage anyone who wants to mmet some wonderful vegans and veggies to give it a try. Thank you for bringing us together May 2003 I would like to write a letter of thanks as my six month membership led me to meet interesting people, and the most recent has developed into a very promising relationship.

September 2005 Just thought you might be interested to hear how our lives have changed as a result of meeting through your VMM site, having both joined about Nov 2002.