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Things for dating couples to talk about

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"You just have to live within your budget, figure out what works for you, and be reasonable and communicate." On the same note, talk about your career plans. How do you see your 9-to-5 -- and your salary -- evolving over your lifetime?

But here's the surprising thing: You shouldn't stop there.Adds Jacobs, "You might go into marriage not caring, but the problems start as the children arrive and you're deciding how to raise them." So talk about your faith, and how you see it affecting your shared life, right now.But it's okay to disagree on: Issues with your in-laws."But maybe they agree that getting financially stable is more important in the long run." That's a trade-off that works, she says.How many hours you should be pulling at work right now.The crucial part is that neither of you feels like the in-laws get priority over you, she says.

Arguments are inevitable, but our experts agreed that it's how couples handle them that determines whether they'll get through the fights.

Right now, the number isn't as important, Jacobs explains, "as long as you agree on a timetable -- how many years you want to wait before having children." One of the biggest things married couples fight about is finances, so talk now to skirt arguments later, Bronstein says.

Decide whether you'll pool all your money or keep separate accounts, and determine which accounts you'll draw from for everyday expenses and for big investments.

And if one of you is a spender and the other is a saver, choose amounts to set aside for the future and for personal spending that you'll both be satisfied with.

"No one has the right answer to what your money strategy should be," Jacobs says.

Maybe you're in premarital counseling right now, or maybe it's the last thing on your mind.