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Trouble updating my ps3 with 2 10

trouble updating my ps3 with 2 10-32

A common woe of the average PS3 owner is the lack of proper internet speeds, a PS3 at stock settings is fairly slow even with Ethernet plugged directly into it, today I will help you clear this problem and help you achieve When I bought my PS3 slim the number one problem I had was lag in online games, but after some basic googling and guides I found my way through the slow speeds and improved my downloads and game greatly, my PS3 on 4Mbit DSL used to take 20 minutes to download a 30 MB Patch but now it takes If successful your PS3 should pass all the tests and your NAT Type should be the same or for some people this helps increase it from 3 to 2.For some people this can be the end of the guide but for some who have more customizable modems / routers they can assure themselves full speed by doing the steps below, those of you who have certain brands of modem may not be able to do the following steps below so feel free to carry on.

I assume it has to do with the Play Station Network servers that the test uses.You can check the range the router gives out in the DHCP range or pool in the router settings.Don't choose a value like 192.168.x.0, 192.168.x.1 or 192.168.x.255, because they're special.Private network only means your PS3 cannot find the router, so it is assigning itself a private IP address for use in networks with no router; this is probably because the wireless signal is too weak.Giving your PS3 a static IP address is a band-aid fix, and you're likely to have further connection troubles because you haven't fixed the root issue: a weak or intermittent wireless connection.The web browser isn't much better because the Flash plugin is outdated and slow.

Testing on the PS3 should only be used to confirm there is a connection, not how fast it is.

It will list connection operations that succeed or fail, NAT Type, UPn P status and bandwidth. Usually, this is accomplished with NAT Type 2 and UPn P enabled. Bit Torrent) unless you can set limits to reserve some constant upstream bandwidth for your online gaming; otherwise, they may consume most of your upstream bandwidth and strangle your PS3's gaming connection. Manufacturers often have software updates ('firmware') for the router.

NAT Type 2 and UPn P enabled are particularly important if you want to host multiplayer games on the internet. These firmware updates add features, fix bugs and improve performance.

Before giving your PS3 a static IP address, make sure it doesn't overlap with the range the router hands out automatically!

If the router gives another device the same IP address, then both devices will fall off the network!

Make sure you update the router firmware with a wired connection, because if you lose your wireless connection mid-update, you may brick your router.