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Trouble updating service pack 3

trouble updating service pack 3-81

I tried all the tricks under the sun relating to firewall setting, fixed IP´s, turn off virus protection etc...What I ended up doing is uninstalling the d-link software entirely. I plugged in the DWA-110 device straight into a USB socket and let windows ask me to search for new hardware drivers.

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please help I had similar problem but finally figured it out.**all the time, IE worked fine** So I found a way through Microsoft support to un INstall XP SP 3 (I dont recommend this!! It gives you all those warnings but you figure your computer was fine before it, so why not after?Once I did that, I not only have the the same issue when trying to open up a file, but I now have a problem with my IE?On the General tab, Clear both the Use the following IP and DNS server address boxes , by selecting both Obtain an address Automaticaly. Make sure "use a proxy server,,,blah ,blah, blah" is NOT checked (if it is UNCHECK IT! restart any browser and it should work You don't need to live with the red cross in the taskbar screen and that annoying baloon that tell's you that automatic updates are turned off.Select the Alternate Configuration tab, deleselect the User configured and select Automatic private IP address . Follow this: Start - Control Panel - Security Centre - On the left hand side, click on "change the way security centre alerts me" - Untick Firewall, automatic updates, virus protection.LOLAGES, cheers buddy just done what you suggested and kaazaam it fixed it!

thanks for the input, ive been trying for days to sort this annoying problem out and now I can finally get back to what I was doing. I too installed Service Pack 3 downloaded from PC Authority, as I chickened out of the Complicated Microsoft one, over service Pack 2 with Internet Explorer 6, only because I need to Install Net Framework2 to run several Utilities.

I think it reverted back to 6 or 7 whereas its 8 with SP 3.

When I launch IE, I see google, but then I get a IE problem window stating "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. Please tell Microsoft about this problem yada yada yada To see what this error contains, click here.

verify that the patch package exists and that you have access to itor contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installers patch package." During this ordeal and reading to find the problem, I downloaded XP SP 3 to hopefully fix it. I did a system restore to a week ago and that didnt work.

So now when I go to open up a file, it shows ""installing windows" and then goes blank, not opening up the file, not doing anything.

I tried all of the fixes suggested; removing SP3; new IP address; resets: restarts; ipconfig; nothing worked. I was able to uninstall sp3 (reverts back to previous in my case sp2) by using the uninstall executable created when installing sp3 (in c:\windows)Hi there, I have the same windows specs as you do and using the same DWA-110.