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Updating intellisense hang

Let’s keep aside the horrible and controvertial VS2012 UI redesign (which fortunately VS2013 now includes colours) or the CAPS LOCKS thingy.Those unfortunately contain a lot subjectivity when one wants to argue.

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I couldn’t care less about their j Query integration, Javascript debugging, or even their C# IDE. Now that I’ve cleared that out, here’s a brief of the problems in VS; which I’ll go into detail, one by one: For medium sized to large projects, this is a real PITA. So, more than double compile time between 20; and exactly the double between 20.After I installed Visual Studio 2010 I was having a difficult time editing files in Visual Studio.I habitually type the "(" character as soon as the function I want to call is highlighted in the Intellisense window, but in 2010 this behavior was no longer auto-completing the function name.This past week we released two additional patches that you can download and apply to the VS 2010 RC to immediately fix two other common issues we’ve seen people run into: The Visual Studio team recently released a second patch that fixes some crashes we’ve seen when tooltips are displayed – most commonly when hovering over an identifier to view a Quick Info tooltip.You can learn more about this issue from this blog post, and download and apply the patch here.You can learn more about these improvements in this WPF Team blog post. Error 1 Internal Compiler Error (0xc0000005 at address 3EAC16A1): likely culprit is ' BEGIN'. To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed below.

These changes will be in the final release of VS 2010 and . Hope this helps, Scott I am getting this error compiling a simple web application. Locations at the top of the list are closer to the point at which the internal error occurred.

Which, last time I check, it plays an important role in the business of Microsoft ecosystem.

The detonator were these two tweets, the more I read was “YES I FEEL THE SAME!!! In fact, Casey Muratori seems to be thinking that as soon as Clang becomes usable on Win32, move; which is exactly what I’m also considering of doing.

Note that we are making improvements to the final release of VS 2010 so that we don’t have big perf issues when UIA 3 isn’t installed – and we are also adding a message within the IDE that will warn you if you don’t have UIA 3 installed and accessibility is activated.

We recently made some nice changes to WPF 4 which improve the text clarity and text crispness over what was in the VS 2010/. In particular these changes improve scenarios where you have a dark background with light text.

But let’s keep our talk about the objective failures of Visual Studio.