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Updating mac os for imac

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No more typing in passwords when you wake your Mac from sleep or turn it on. i Cloud Drive i Cloud Drive helps you share files between multiple Macs or i OS devices signed into the same i Cloud account.i Cloud Drive isn’t a cloud backup solution like Backblaze – it’s a great sync tool, however.

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Back That Mac Up Back up before you upgrade the operating system or make any other crucial changes to your Mac.In general, any Mac built since late 2009 can run Sierra.That’s a bit more than El Capitan, which supported Macs built since 2008. It’s a free upgrade, and many Mac users around the world will rush to install it. With this release Apple rebranded the Mac operating system “mac OS” instead of “OS X.” But the new name and number isn’t the only big change. We won’t get to all the new features, but here’s a rundown of some of the tentpole stuff: Siri For the first time, Apple’s intelligent assistant is available on the Mac.If you plan to join the crowd, please make sure to back up your computer before you do. Siri’s been a feature of the i Phone and i Pad for a while, but it’s never been on the Mac before.If you’ve downloaded apps through the Mac App Store, make sure to open it and click on the Updates button to download the latest updates.

Devs have had months to incorporate the changes Apple made in Sierra.

There’s always the possibility that stuff you depend on will stop working, at least until it’s updated. Sierra’s tentpole features include Siri, Universal Clipboard, security unlock using your Apple Watch, better integration with i Cloud Drive, Apple Pay support, optimized storage and more.

Now you can use Siri on the Mac to schedule appointments, play music, set up reminders, find files and do lots more.

Changes to i Cloud Drive in Sierra include the ability to automatically sync the contents of both your Mac’s Desktop and its Documents folder, the two locations most of us keep most of our files.

That makes it easier to find those files between devices.

Siri needs an internal or external microphone and an Internet connection.