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Updating miva merchant 4 miva engine 5 1

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Miva Merchant is an e Commerce platform that provides enterprise level features and customizability, while still offering the usability and customer support one would expect from a Saa S (Software as a Service) solution.Miva has been around since 1997 and hosts stores for over 10,000 merchants.

updating miva merchant 4 miva engine 5 1-76

This iteration includes a few new features that spice up Miva’s already extensive features list.Also, be aware that if you choose to leave Miva and want to keep your domain name, you’ll have to buy back the domain for $19.95.This is true even if you cancel your account within the 30 day trial period.If you cancel that plan before 30 days are up, you’ll receive a full refund.When you sign up for your plan, you’ll receive a free SSL certificate and register your domain name, but you should expect to pay for both the domain name and the SSL certificate after the first year.While there is no conventional free trial available, as I mentioned above, Miva does offer free developer accounts you can use to play around with the platform.

You will also be fully refunded for your first month’s purchase if you decide to cancel Miva Merchant within 30 days.

Also, you can add on extra admin seats (the number of users your admin allows at once) for $50/seat/month.

Miva primarily provides web-hosted Saa S solutions; however, if you’re interested in a licensed version of their software, you can purchase one for $19,995.00. Although Miva would work just fine for many small businesses, it is best for businesses who have more resources available to get up and running.

Miva’s pricing plans are designed to estimate the amount of bandwidth and storage you’ll need, so hopefully, you won’t face too many overage charges.

But, if you regularly use more than your plan allows, you can always purchase additional bandwidth and storage space in your account.

When you first sign up for Miva, you’ll enter your personal information along with a credit card number. Then a set-up Wizard will guide you through creating a new (or implementing an old) domain name.