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Updating old wood cabinets

This will help you remember which cabinet door goes where.

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Once you have your drop cloth in place, lay out all your cabinet doors and drawers so you can paint them all together in one convenient spot (and have full access to the frames of the cabinets in the kitchen). Then if you’re replacing your hardware with something that won’t fit the existing holes in your doors and drawers, you’ll want to pick up some wood filler (it’s around $6 a tube, which is all ya need) and fill those existing hardware holes in all of the doors and drawers.And although you’ve all seen our newly renovated kitchen, we actually painted our previous 50-year-old knotty pine cabinets right after we moved in (to tide us over until we had the funds to replace them altogether). Bring home paint swatches and select the perfect palette, and if you’re planning to replace your hardware, purchase some before you move on to the next step.Check out the dark and dingy kitchen that we inherited with the house: So how did we do it? Because most old hardware is a different size than newer hardware (the holes are further apart or closer together), it’s important to know if your new door and drawer bling is spaced differently than your current hardware before you begin.If you can paint a wall (and even if you can’t) you can paint your kitchen cabinets.There are just a few tried and true rules when attempting this project, so if you follow the simple steps outlined below it’ll be pretty hard to screw things up.Check out the chalkboard painted onto the kitchen cabinets, too. Supplies First, remove the cabinet doors and drawers from the frames, and remove the hardware.

Tip: Number each cabinet door using painter’s tape and sketch a layout of your cabinets as a guide.

Apply the white bond coat to your remaining cabinet doors and frames using the same technique you used in Step 4 when you applied the gray bond coat.

Both your gray and white cabinets will need to dry for at least eight hours before you can move on to applying the top coat.

Now that your cabinets and workspace are fully prepped, it’s time to start applying the deglosser from your Cabinet Transformations Kit.

The deglosser will eliminate the need for sanding or stripping to save you time (and a mess).

In this kitchen makeover, we’ll show you how you can get the look of brand new kitchen cabinets for thousands of dollars less than it would cost to replace them.