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Updating recessed kitchen lighting

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That made us change the position of the other lights, since they all had to be aligned.Having a right angle drill attachment plus a pretty long drill bit to drill the holes on the joists is indispensable.

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Simply multiply the length of the room by the width to find the total area. This number is your total wattage you’ll need to light the room effectively.Our most important source of information at this point was this great article: A very well detailed article for diy'ers that know the basics of connecting wires and installing electrical boxes (I really don't know much about this but Hubby does) ;) We got each our own copy to study all the steps they show with well explained pictures. Some of the things you'll find there are: How to draw a lighting plan, how to find the circuit to provide power, and how to fish the cables.We began tackling the recessed lights but our first stumbling block was right there even before we started.I now understand why electricians charge those fees.There are obstacles along the way that with their experience, they can easily foreseen, fixing things way faster than we as diy'ers can.This DIY Network link with Paul Ryan shows you how to do it.

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts about recessed lighting is deciding what kind of fixture is the one you need in your space.

As I usually say, I am way way far from being an expert, I just want to share with you the experience we went through while installing recessed lighting in our kitchen.

So, here I go --- This picture below shows you the lights we began with, one fluorescent fixture in the middle of the kitchen right on top of the island, one pendant light above the kitchen table, and one recessed light fixture above the sink. Well, let me tell you, those three things gave us a whole lot of work!

This will allow you to set the mood in different areas of a room.

Recessed lights that rotate, revolve and swivel can help you direct light to exactly where you want it, such as on a piece of art, creating visual intrigue.

And with so many choices, recessed lighting is one you don’t want to forget.