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Updating slackware 13

To use a Slack Build, you make it executable and run it, as root, in the same directory as its corresponding source tarball. Slack Builds are written to make this easy, and the most commonly changed flags are stored in variables initialized at their beginnings.

After years of revisions, including moving everything related to fonts into another page, it mostly turned into a set of miscellaneous tips. In the root directory of Slackware’s installation DVD are various documentation files.sbopkg is an excellent frontend for the Slack repository.Slackware maintainers Eric “Alien Bob” Hameleers and Robby Workman also maintain high-quality repositories. One only needs to be run after installing a new font, the other after installing a new library; neither needs to be run every single boot.That will allow you to use a framebuffer in that resolution.Go to Slack and install When alsaconf asks for permission to modify modprobe.conf, grant it. First set up Ti Midity with my Ti Midity Slack Build.You can also buy a bound copy from any book retailer.

I have a Slack Build file (see the Slack Build usage HOWTO) to install both the HTML and source versions in /usr/share/doc: , which automates many common tasks.

You need it to get MIDI working in your web browser and in some games.

If you have a Creative Live card with wavetable support, then install Asfxload and use it.

After installing said window manager from source, add an entry for it in “/etc/X11/xinit” to get it to appear in . The “choose a program to handle this protocol” window will pop up. This is covered in the Mozillazine Knowledgebase’ Register protocol page.

As of Slackware 12.1, you’ll need an appropriate .desktop file in “/usr/share/apps/kdm/sessions” to get it to appear in kdm’s menus. If you see horizontal lines in your video, then read on: Interlaced TV standards such as NTSC and PAL are designed for countries that use AC power.

If you need to switch between runlevels, whether for testing purposes or to restart your graphical login manager, then use the command; there’s no need to reboot.