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Urban love dating site lagos

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Not only are these women taken for thousands of dollars, but their families are torn apart, their hearts broken and their ability to trust is damaged.

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The online FBI and National White Collar Crime Center partnership, responsible for investigating and tracking thousands of complaints each year, suggests the following when dealing with individuals or businesses online: If you believe you are the victim of an Internet scam, report the scam to the Internet Crime Complaint Center and to your local law enforcement.These scam artists meet unsuspecting women (and also men) on dating sites.They know exactly what to say to make the victim fall in love with them and trust them completely.The love they feel for him is real, however he is not.Nigerian romance scammers steal personal photos of people that they claim to be them.As time went by and her love for him deepened he began to have financial troubles.

She was more than willing to assist him, knowing that any money she sent him would be returned to her when he came home to America.

But, while the person on the other end of your messaging app might seem legitimate, how can you tell?

One of the longest running scams by mail and the Internet, the Nigerian '419' scam (named after the section of the Nigerian code dealing with financial fraud schemes), alleges a wealthy business owner or government official needs help transferring millions of dollars out of his country in exchange for a percentage of the funds for your help.

It's estimated that the scam, which has been around for at least 20 years, costs victims a hundred million dollars annually.

Meade was one of those victims.“After reporting the incident to both federal and local law enforcement, I was told I probably shouldn’t expect to see the money ever again,” she said.

They are more than happy to send these to their victims.