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But the thing i wasn't expecting was to see Cage actually put some effort into his role.Instead of woodenly walking through the film with terrible hair, Cage shows some true emotion and his hair ain't half bad.

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He has written extensively for numerous catalogues on the central role of historical theory in contemporary art and information and communication media, and did also curatorial projects.Go and check for yourself on this about this Chinese own and controlled best selling English newspaper in the country.GRAND PRIX : Kevin Feng Ke, BI BAI BANG / China We want to congratulate the director of the festival, Mr Branko Karabatic, for a highly unusual and distinctive selection of films.He travelled as much as he could afford, wrote an unpublished science fiction novel and also worked as a freelance cartoonist for newspapers, magazines and books.As a father of two, Gillies then applied to the National Film School in 1982 and was accepted.Since then he has made a feature film or TV drama every year, receiving a multitude of awards.

These include ‘The Grass Arena’, ‘The Playboys’, ‘A Simple Twist of Fate’, ‘Trojan Eddie’, ‘Small Faces’, Regeneration’, ‘Hideous Kinky’ and ‘Pure’.

He created experimental short films, such as ‘Tarra’ (about Spanish refusees during the Franco-dictatorship) and ‘Red in autumn’ about the start of the Green Party in Flanders.

He has also been a member of jury at numerous film festivals.

Three books on ‘Film as philosophy’ and also essays in ‘The Cinema of the Low Countries’ (Wallflower, 2004), ‘Photography.

Crisis of history’ (Actar, 2004), ‘Encyclopaedia of the 20th Century Photography’ (Routledge, 2005), ‘Theory of Photography’ (Routledge, 2006), ‘Encyclopaedia of the 19th Century Photography’ (Routledge, 2007) en ‘The Weight of Photography. He is currently researching and writing a book on the function of contemporary visual media in Times of Human Turmoil.

The special effects are kinda lame and the film drags in certain spots, but overall "Season of the witch" is a decent thriller with some cheesy dialouge.