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In When Louis Met Max Clifford, Max Clifford tried to set up Theroux, but he was caught lying as the crew recorded his live microphone during the conversations.After this series concluded, a retrospective called Life with Louis was released.

" He responded, "Because I don't believe in God." In his documentary The Ultra Zionists, he confirms that he is an atheist.He did not perform sexual acts in the film, but made a brief appearance as a park ranger in search of a criminal.In the Weird Weekends episode "Infomercials", he was featured as a live salesman for an at-home paper shredder for the Home Shopping Network. We never really considered ourselves married in the full sense – there were no wedding photos or anything like an English television and radio presenter, best known for presenting a number of popular television programmes such as Top of the Pops and the Red Nose Day telethons.In 2007, she became the first regular female presenter of the Radio 1 Chart Show, which she co-hosted with Reggie Yates for two years.Theroux is best known for his documentary series, including Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends, When Louis Met..., and his BBC Two specials.

His career started in journalism and bears influences of notable writers in his family, such as his father Paul Theroux and brother Marcel.

His episode about British entertainer Jimmy Savile, When Louis Met Jimmy, In an interview in 2015, Theroux expressed his intention to produce a follow-up documentary about Savile for the BBC to explore how the late entertainer had continued his abuse for so long, and to meet people he knew closely, and to examine his own reflections on his inability to dig more deeply in the first case.

In When Louis Met the Hamiltons, the Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine were arrested during the course of filming, due to false allegations of indecent assault.

The show is laughing at me, adrift in their world, as much as at them. I'm not a matinee idol disguised as a nerd." In the series When Louis Met...

(2000–02), Theroux accompanied a different British celebrity in each programme in their daily lives, interviewing them as they go.

Theroux describes the aim of the series as: "Setting out to discover the genuinely odd in the most ordinary setting.