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Vnc viewer screen not updating

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I have VNC Server installed on Windows 8 Desktop Machine.I havw VNC Viewer Installed on Windows 7 Laptop, I don't know what I am doing wrong but my VNC Viewer won't update/refresh the screen after I click something in VNC Viewer.

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So I'm adding this as an answer so it can be closed.Is it possible to extend the full-screen onto both local monitors?Perhaps there is a more modern version of a viewer that could make it work?Hello, I am trying to be able to remote connect to my Ubuntu laptop from a machine with Windows XP.I installed ssh on the Ubuntu laptop (sudo apt-get install ssh) then on the xp machine I used putty and was able to get a ssh window open and I could run commands from that window.I've had this issues across multiple machines and multiple versions of Ubuntu desktop (all 10.04 or later).

Usually it happens with an old laptop I've put Ubuntu on but now it's happening on my primary dev machine (a quad-core PC recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 desktop).

The problem is this - I can connect to the machine and login with the password, the initial screen looks fine but never refreshes.

I can see the monitor for the machine across the room and can see the mouse move and the menus pop up but the image of the screen on the PC in front me running the VNC viewer never updates. I think it is an Ubuntu config issue because this PC used to work just fine with 9.04, 10.04, and 11.10 (over the past couple of years).

The Ubuntu laptop I usually control via VNC is typically only connected to the network via wireless. I've repeated the issue on a Win7 laptop which was connected via ethernet and wireless. Running KDE Plasma did nothing to change the problem. Unfortunately I did not try logging in to 14.04 in 2D mode before installing 12.04 LTS.

Now I run Unity2D on both the PC and laptop I've mentioned and the only issue appears to be having a VNC screen up to both of them but I haven't thoroughly tested that (other priorities right now). Remoting into ubuntu 12.04 LTS from ubuntu 12.04 LTS did not work either. Logging into 12.04 using 2D and then remoting in did work.

Higher resolutions and bit rates may cause performance issues. - have you thought about the possibility that it may not like Windows 8? - is the problem definitely client/server/network side?