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Many cultivated fields and small farms are found in both the north and south.

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It is also predicted to be one of the richest (by measure GDP per capita) country in the world, after Qatar, Liechtenstein, and Austria An alpine country, Vorarlberg is mainly mountainous, making it a winter sports destination.Parliament elects from among it members a "Landesausschuss" (National Committee) made up of the President of the Parliament and four additional members.The National Committee is charged with performing parliamentary oversight functions.The Constitution of Vorarlberg has been under development since late 2014, and is expect to be completed by the Summer of 2015.The constitution will establish Vorarlberg as a constitutional monarchy headed by the reigning King of the Royal House of Vorarlberg.Parties must receive at least 8% of the national vote to win seats in parliament, i.e. Parliament proposes and approves a government, which is formally appointed by the King.

Parliament may also pass votes of no confidence in the entire government or individual members.

Vorarlberg has a constitutional monarch as Head of State, and an elected parliament which enacts law.

It is also a direct democracy, where voters can propose and enact constitutional amendments and legislation independent of the legislature.

The historically Germanic province, which was a gathering together of former bishoprics, was still ruled in part by a few semi-autonomous counts and surviving the prince-bishops until the start of World War I.

Vorarlberg was part of Further Austria, and parts of the area were ruled by the Counts Montfort of Vorarlberg.

Following World War I there was a desire by many in Vorarlberg to join Switzerland.