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Kelpie is actually this character's name, her species is just Water Pony.

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And I'm not trying to be aggressive with this, I just tend to nerd out on mythology and, from the detail you've put into the design, I thought you were probably the type to care too?^_^I know, but I thought you were making a "G" rated version. They're normally described as white horses that can be recognised as kelpies because their hair is always dripping wet and may have weed stuck in it.Not that you can't go ahead an interpret kelpies as merhorses, but it's not the mythology.Honestly, in terms of the type of myth, the hippocampus seems to be a fantasy version of seahorses (creatures with horse-like heads and curly fish tails) whereas kelpies sit better with kappas, sirens, and other water spirits (which serve as warnings about the dangers of rivers/etc).I only said merhorse generally to refer to the fish-from-the-waist-down thing, not to imply she's a merpony.Well, as stated in my initial description on this artwork, she is not a "Mer-Pony".

The term "Water Horse" (Or Water Pony in this case) actually encompasses several aquatic horse-like cryptids from Welsh and Celtic lore.

I drew this design based on small details from all these creatures, but since MLP is a kids show, I didn't give her any of the malicious intents. Okay, I wasn't saying that hippocampi are Celtic, nor that "water horse" can't refer to a variety of creatures, nor that you can't give a dark mythical creature a lighter, friendlier, interpretation. Which implies that the water horses have only 1 form.

I see there's a Wikipedia article on the matter, but honestly it strikes me as a little suspect since it seems to be trying to define a general term (that people chatting about mythological creatures may use for convenience) as something specific.

The shell-shaped fins on her head are designed to fold downward, kinda like a fan, allowing for a wide range of emotional reactions. And I did not give her eyelashes either, mainly because I didn't think eyelashes served much of a purpose for an animal that lives in water.

I did manage to fit a "Cutie Mark" on her right around where a "flank" would be.

Even her name of Kelpie is another reference to the Celtic origins of her the original water horse, Kelpie's neck is a bit longer than land based ponies, but not too long to make her look abnormal.