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You will then be guided through a registration wizard.

Camfrog makes it easy to meet new people to video chat with.To set your video settings, choose the "Settings" option under the "Camfrog" menu in the main application window.Open the "Video&Audio" tab and you will see your video settings.If the other user agrees to video chat then you will begin to see and hear one another if you both have a webcam and microphone.You can tell if the other user is male/female, their status, and if they have a webcam or not by their icon in their instant messaging window, or in the user directory. You then will click the hyperlink "yes" to accept and "no" if you do not accept.Camfrog works with Windows XP and later, or Mac OS X.

No webcam is required to see or hear users on Camfrog.

Before using Camfrog, you need to set up a nickname and a password to logon to the Camfrog central server.

After you have installed and launched Camfrog, click on the "Register New Nickname" hyperlink in the main application window.

You can also access your profile by clicking on the link in the Your Profile section of the General tab of the Settings window under the main Camfrog menu. Of course, a webcam is not required to see someone, but it is required to be seen.

Many users may not want to video chat with someone who does not also have a webcam.

Open the "Private call&File Transfer" tab and choose to "Auto answer" (not recommended) incoming video calls or to set a password for incoming calls.