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Website configuration failed failure updating asp net script maps

website configuration failed failure updating asp net script maps-2

Since stdlog files are blank, we are not sure which resource is causing Access denied error. Web.txt txt txt Thanks, Today updated to September Release 1.0.1 and I'm having same issue when I publish in 64bit Windows Server Core 2012 R2 v1.2.0 running IIS 8.5.

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My stdlogs text files are created in the physical directory of the website but are empty?The app's log files are getting created, but unfortunately they are empty (0 bytes).The webserver's Event Viewer contains this entry: Process was created with commandline 'D:\Applications\Our App Name\User Interface.exe' but failed to get the status, error Code = 0x80070005 Any help would be very much appreciated! NET Core 1.0 application which has been successfully deployed and running on our pre-prod server for months.Today we tried deploying the website to our production server using this article as a guideline: https://net/en/latest/publishing/Bottom line is we’ve tried a bunch of things, but can't get past this error: HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure Common causes of this issue: * The application process failed to start * The application process started but then stopped * The application process started but failed to listen on the configured port How do you go about debugging a 502.5 error, to get to the actual cause of the failure?Attachments: txt Published_Web.Questions: script entries are correct.

@moozzyk can comment further on why it might not have been running.

Then I explicitly set the path to in the web.config for the application to work properly as @danielyewright said in his comment . Thanks Can Core app run on Windows server 2008 R2 with IIS 7 ?

After hosting on WS 2008 R2 with IIS7, Handler Mapping in IIS7 iteself throwin error ..

Dot Net Core.1.1.0-Windows OPT_INSTALL_LTS_REDIST=0 OPT_INSTALL_FTS_REDIST=0 and it will only install the module.

If you run the full installer, you get the shared framework and runtime along with the module.

If you upgraded the packages using VS UI I know there was/is a bug where the VS Nu Get UI will remove "tools" section from the during the upgrade and move them to dependencies. (Nu Get/Home#3008) @Guard Rex - Sorry, i meant IIS 7.5. @moozzyk - I am aware of the bug you mentioned but in my case, the seems to be intact, Anything else you need to reproduce the issue?