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Weekend ka vaar sex

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On being triggered by Salman, celebrities and Indiawale open their complaint box and present their views in front of him.

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The fun continued as Farhan asked Om Swami, to teach him the signature headbanging step, Om Swami is seen doing often in the house.Bigg Boss season 8 has been highlighted thanks to Gulati’s tantrums and his filmi hysteria.Salman therefore posed some really caustic questions to give the angry lad the much-needed reality check.He pulls up Manoj Punjabi for his inappropriate behavior and for not knowing Rohan Mehra’s name even after staying with him under one roof for over a week.When Manoj tries to put forward a justification and apologises for his mistake, Salman cuts him off and says: “Yeh toh Bataamizee hain.”Adding a little fun to the seriousness, Salman Khan asks Lokesh to perform her rendition of Bigg Boss rap and asks her to speak a few words about the nominated contestants in her unique style.The previous week was filled with many bittersweet moments as the Indiawale ‘Maliks’ continue to rule the house while the celebrities dread their ‘Sevak’ status.

And, finally, the most awaited night is here when the megastar and host Salman Khan will give the housemates a quick reality check on how they have fared in the previous week in the Bigg Boss – Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

And, Om Swami, as usual, failed to provide an adequate response.

Post all the fun and laughter, Salman asked the contestants to nominate the Khalnayak of the house for the week.

asking him to wear regular clothes over his red and vermillion options to which Swami said that he will wear whatever clothes Salman Khan sends for him.

Pulling Om Swami’s leg once again, Salman Khan asked him to use his divya drishti and reveal which contestant would be evicted.

Gautam Gulati must have foreseen a storm raging his way-and unfortunately it did come his way on the weekend ka vaar with Salman Khan.