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Who is colin farrell dating

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On a bright afternoon in Los Angeles, city of hope and shattered dreams, I chat with Colin Farrell about his new film The Lobster, the realest comedy about love and relationships to come along in the new millennium.The Irish actor found himself uniquely steeped in the philosophical conflicts of dating in the modern world after starring in the satire as a recently dumped man who has 45 days to find true love—or else be turned into the animal of his choosing.

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Colin has certainly led a spectacular dating life, being linked with everyone from Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie to Demi Moore and, most bizarrely, he admitted to a romantic liaison with Elizabeth Taylor in the final decade of her life.They were rumored to have broken things off in October 2010, with sources claiming Colin still wasn't ready to settle down for good., the 38-year-old actor is opening up about his life as a father."It's about a bigger world, and helping them find their place in it."He continued, "It's not about ‘me, me, me, the loudmouth' any more—and that takes the pressure off me to live up to those old expectations." Farrell is the proud dad to son James, 11, and Henry, 5.His latest interview is just another sign that the actor is nowhere close to those "wild years" in Hollywood that featured plenty of rumored romances in the tabloids and late nights out on the town.He dutifully checks into The Hotel and submits to its austere procedures, befriending two fellow guests, a man with a lisp (John C. After a series of halfhearted mishaps at the hotel, an increasingly desperate David makes a break for freedom and finds himself joining a guerilla group of Loners who live in the forest, under the equally stifling rule of their own dogmatic leader (Lea Seydoux). He didn’t make it.’ There were things that I read in the script where I went, ‘Hold up, did that just say his brother’s a fuckin’ dog?

It was Lanthimos’s stunning 2009 film Dogtooth, Oscar-nominated for Best Foreign Film, that first caught Farrell’s attention and offered a hint at what the filmmaker could do with a story about the societal constructs we force upon ourselves when it comes to coupling up and living happily ever.“I had seen Dogtooth and had been blown away by how maddeningly disturbing it was, and yet how logical the whole film was as well,” Farrell remembers. ’ We hadn’t talked about the Transformation Room yet. ’”“Yorgos is keenly observant of human behavior,” he says of Lanthimos, who co-wrote the script with Efthymis Filippou.

After getting hot and heavy as each other’s love interest on-screen in the Marvel comic adaption, they married two years later.

Sadly, they’ve become the celebrity break-up story of 2015 after their shock split – and now, according to a report in US magazine Farrell is looking to finally seize his chance with gorgeous Jen.“He said he felt sexual tension between them,” a source close to the handsome Irishman says.

“He loves that she’s part Irish and that they’re both tough on the outside and sensitive on the inside.”So what does Ben, who is maintaining a friendly relationship with Jen, the mother of his three children, think of this gossip?

“To be honest, Ben thinks it’s pretty pathetic,” says the source. She always felt flattered by it, and now she’s ready to embrace it!

If they can’t land a new one before their time is up, they are summarily transformed into animals and released into the forest to live out the rest of their days.