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Who is criss angel dating

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Gentle, kindhearted, and peace loving, Criss Angel is prepared to sacrifice a great deal in order to avoid a fight and to "make everyone happy".

Angel often appears irrational to others because he cannot always explain the reason or source of his feelings.Criss Angel cannot hide his instinctive emotional reactions to people or situations, and he does not make any pretenses about his personal sympathies or antipathies.Criss Angel has a childlike openness and playfulness which is very appealing to others, but which sometimes gets him into trouble, as Criss takes risks on impulse or whim.“I came up with the term 'mindfreak' because I didn't like the word 'magician.' I felt like I wanted to coin a term that would be basically the reaction to my art.It would be a mindfreak and so that's why I came up with that.The whole arena of love relationships, romance and sex is endlessly fascinating to Criss Angel and he is not happy without a love partner.

Angel can "burn himself out" by pouring so much of his energy into romance.

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Anyone who lives with Criss Angel must accept his ups and downs and appreciate Criss' need for times of withdrawal.

Criss Angel is also very sympathetic and understands the unspoken feelings and needs of others.

Criss Angel takes slights and rebuffs very personally and though he may forgive a transgression by a friend or loved one, he never forgets it.