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Who is roxanne mckee dating

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When Harriet Braun pitched Lip Service to BBC, she promised it would be funnier and more authentic than The L Word, and now she’s going to get the chance to prove it.

The archangel Michael, turning against his own kind, has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel.I don't think anyone could put a label on Lou – with her it's more a case of just falling in love regardless of gender. Watching Christine Bleakley was my research because she's from a similar part of Ireland, but Lou's presenting style is much more cringe-making, grinning and hammy. I do like her and I reckon she's quite nice on the inside but, on the outside, she's very insecure, career-obsessed, quite manipulative and always worrying about how she'll be perceived if it comes out that she's having a relationship with a woman, which I think is quite sad in a way.So, yes, I think I could be friends with her, but I'd sit her down and say "Look, it's okay to be vulnerable and it's okay to have a relationship with a woman." Also, after spending two years of my life as a crazy, depressive alcoholic in Hollyoaks, with black eye shadow running down my face from all the crying, it's nice to be playing a character now who is a fun TV presenter as opposed to a total lunatic. It was absolutely freezing because we filmed in December, but the people there are so warm.The writing on Game of Thrones is so utterly brilliant.” And while her Game of Thrones character Doreah was left trapped in a sealed vault at the end of series two, Mc Kee doesn’t rule out a return.“Obviously how I went out is different to the books – I could, in theory come back,” she said. She’s moved on from soaps, but former Hollyoaks star Roxanne Mc Kee has no time for those dissing the genre.

“People in soaps often get a hard time and I think that’s a real shame,” she said, “because they are given scripts sometimes ten minutes before they walk into a scene.

We were shooting some quite raunchy scenes, which I found rather nerve-wracking, not because I was doing it with a girl but because we were half naked and you want people to feel it's real.

Apparently you had a When Harry Met Sally-style scene?

Tell us about Lou She's a TV presenter who's climbing the career ladder and is terrified of it getting out that she has feelings for someone of the same sex, because she thinks it will damage her career prospects. I think she's always harboured secret feelings for women and maybe she's had flings with women in the past, who knows, but nothing has ever got out.

Nor does she want the press to get hold of the fact she's also sleeping with a married man. She doesn't think of herself as a lesbian per se, maybe just as someone who experiments from time to time.

Some eagle-eyed Londoners might have spotted a winged angel dangling above the city skyline on Wednesday to promote the fantasy drama, but anyone who missed out on the spectacle can watch an introductory video to the series below.