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Wow intimidating shout macro

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Within the next 4 seconds you can hit the button again to use Heavy Mageweave Bandage on yourself. If you're not targeting an enemy, it will not waste the bandage.

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With the addition of the Mist of Pandaria the number of must have macros has gone down considerably but there still remain some very useful ones.Also this makro should include to be able to charge and fear my current focus target with a modifier. I am really unskilled when it comes to creating macros, so I am counting on you guys. All of these patch 7.0 Fury Warrior Macros have been tested and are currently working for patch 7.0.If you have any questions or suggestions on the Macros please let me know. For more advanced ones Click Here For an Addon With Premade 7.0 Macros Click your normal keybinding and you will cast Spell Reflection.There is no rule about which order they fire, so you may be using the bandage then shouting one time, when you press the button another time you get shout then bandage; It's random.

Try this: If you're targeting an enemy, this will cast Intimidating Shout the first time you hit it.

Hey, it beats googling for macros and scouring the forums for class tips from so called “pros”.

Intimidating Shout is a level 70 Arms and Fury ability.

mocking banner /tar [noharm] mocking banner /cast ! mocking banner Avatar CS #showtooltip Avatar /cast Avatar /use 13 /use 10 /cast Colossus Smash Charge Focus on modifier with cancel aura #showtooltip Charge /cancelaura Bladestorm /cancelaura trapped in amber /cast [nomod] charge, [mod, target=focus] charge Thunderclap space saver macro #showtooltip /cast [modifier] Thunder Clap; Colossus Smash Deadly calm #showtooltip Heroic Strike /cast Deadly calm /cast heroic Strike BG rallying cry macro /cast rallying cry /use alliance battle standard Fear Macro #showtooltip Intimidating Shout /cast [nomodifier] Intimidating Shout; [modifier, target=focus] Intimidating Shout Intervene friendly player macro #showtooltip /cast [mod,@mitzisukie][@mouseover,exists,noharm,nodead][] !

Available Warrior Macros Warrior Self Healing Draenei Warrior Self Healing Equip 2 x 2 Hander One Key Battle Stance/Charge/Overpower Shield Wall Retaliation/Recklessness/Shield Wall Bladestorm Start/End Defensive/Sword and Board Berserker/2 Hander Intervene Intercept/Intercept Focus Charge/Intercept Charge/Intercept Hamstring Easy Overpower Single Button Stances Fear/Bandage Self Healing Pummel/Shield Bash Spell Reflection Spell Reflection and Back To Berseker Disarm Execute/Heroic Strike – This is a simple macro for when your Titan’s Grip specced that will equip both your 2h weapons in the right hand again even if you have a shield or another weapon set equiped.

It is an Ao E fear effect shout ability which causes the target to become incapacitated for 8 seconds, although any damage will break the effect.