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Wu chun dating ella

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He embarked to Beijing that day for the filming of the ancient story Butterfly Sword with the strongly male-minded female actress Ivy Chen.From Ella to Megan Lai and then to Ivy Chen, Baron seems to have hit it off best with the tomboy.

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In the filming of the drama, Baron could not get along with Megan Lai and her supposed pretentious attitude.Baron Chen and ex-lover Ella had broken up in a sudden unresolved fight leaving scratches on the neck.While it has already been a long time, these two parallel lines shall once again clash on screen.Or else the two just buy two of everything and give one to the other. I bet you're doing it on purpose to mislead everybody (as if we don't know that you are the SNEAKY KING! ”Part 37 : by lieann~, “I hope you will clarify everything soon. Everyone of us know you are really busy with your shooting and might not have the time to celebrate with her. I don't know but I'm very sure the gift you'll be giving will be very special. Filming and premier of [XIE XIE NI DE WEN ROU] MV, CE act very distant with each other. and oh the picture that Ella posted in her weibo 機車兔!不認真過節!過份credits : since I don't understand anything , I guess I have to wait for Betty or Keleisha to translate briefly what the news said about Chun and also what did Ella say about her rabbit picture .. who knows there maybe some connection between Chun's news and Ella's latest message., but then if the news really said not so nice things about Chun , just include the nice thing that reporter said ... when he said "baby" , could it be that he was also referring to "Baobei" ? there are so many times already Chun dropped hints indirectly that he knows what we've discussed right here and I am absolutely happy with his hints .. Some examples of this are in the blog that I shared above by summersnow. She seems to be pretty tired from her work.” Part 11 : by Gem, “Chun remember this? for sure you are... 12 : by Jo, “we need that drink as soon as possible! everyone's been hinting you to propose to ella in public!! well if you want to everything to be prepared before you propose in front of's okay take your time! but be sure to make everything memorable for baobei and for us 'ya know what i mean huh? Even though it's been years and I think I've waited too long for you to move, don't worry. )..know that in some far away corner of the concert's venue, you had already sneaked and watching your wife perform!! I don't know if I should believe or not only you can ever know the truth. I believe you called her already to say jia you if you couldn't make it. "Part 51 : by marika,"Chun, we need you to do something for us. We're tired of hearing babies crying already in our ears. However, I will still expect that you can send her gifts or something? Perhaps we won't know what you will be giving her but we know that you'll definitely do something on that day! BTS 1 & 2Jul - DJ news disappear, Chun finishes filming his new show (RP).27-29 Aug - 3 day HK promotion event in Korea. , just wanna share that Chun once again made CE fans very happy during one of the "Super Hot" promo event few days ago .. Mariane~ your latest CE MV is soo nice ..though it's a sad MV , I love the sequences that you include in it ... okay mom, i`ll try my best to keep in touch here with you guys.. Chun and Ella first met each other at Ella's birthday party in 2005, but didn't become friends until later on. Subbed part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (i know it says, WQYL, but that's a mistake)04 Dec - HK cast attend "Wo Ai Hei Se Hui" (aka. Keep encouraging CE so that when Chun notice your posts again, he'll be more encouraged to officially be with Ella or even share his secret with us.

It was from that birthday party, and many other events to come, that we learned that Chun was an introvert. Blackie Show), CE were in their own little world for the majority of the show and Chun caught stealing glances of Ella.09 Dec - HK promo in Taipei, K-Mall.10 Dec - HK promo in Kaohsiung.16 Dec - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" in Taiwan, Chun blushes from some teasing.02 Jan - [ZHUAN SHU TIAN SHI] MV filming. Though up to know, I'm really, and still and will too be hoping for a CE collab or a CE BTS or whatsoever. By the way, thanx for sharing that little tidbit about Yamada Yu and Oguri because the last time I heard that Yamada moved out and so I thought they were not getting along or on the verge of breakout, I was really sad. am really sorry for "disappearing" for such a long time ..

The former flames will decide who among them is the better of the two through their upcoming TV shows.

Baron’s drama Fairy Tale Under the Stars will include the likes of Tanaka Chie, Lego Li, and Megan Lai, while Down With Love will star Jerry Yan alongside Ella.

By the end of filming, the two had become good friends. Full 1, 2, & 3.02 Feb - SHE and FLH attend KKBOX AWARD where CHUN WAS CAUGHT STARING AT ELLA. Just like how Hebe told off Apple Daily during Ren Pa's birthday when they were bugging Ella again. it seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released and that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF According to a recent article in JP, seems like J wants to make up with his ex again while he answered the question about Ella, "We have kinda bro-sis relationship , then I can't think of her as my girlfriend" don't know if it's true but can be reasonable since Ella has already her fiance Chunnie~! I'm really happy that he liked my fanart.the flip side, feeling a bit sorry since he can't pick up my CE works. the pic : am just guessing that it could be Chun because of the watch (it looks like B&R watch right?

Chun had opened up more and was even beginning to tease people, just like Ella. though lots of CE ANGELS are hoping for you to go and watch the concert ...don't worry if you really can't make it since we understand that you have your own work commitment ..however, it will really be a big surprise for us if you suddenly appear in the concert despite your busy schedule .matter what Chun , we'll always support you and Ella strongly ... Hmmm, you and Ella can add that shoes as one of your couple shoes collections,,hehehe.. Mar - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; SHE and FLH.10 Mar - HK promo in Hong Kong; Chun, Ella, and Danson. If only Chun can do the same I would be so happy for them. ”BTW, I`ve always visit AF veryday before starting work though i hardly post and for that sorry.. ←here' re Jo~'s, please send her..anyway, I really miss our convo about the CE kidnapping project by JMM. Maybe, we have to produce another project for CE since Part 12 started. I wonder CE will upload my CE works someday when admit their relationship in soon will it be.. yep, I'm willing to join "".I don't think I will do as nice as you do because of my poor English..still, I'll try to do my best.. or maybe I just got confused..ekeke) , also because of the silver bracelet since I saw Chun also had the same bracelet in this pic below : , once again I'm confused because the pants somehow look different .just asking this for fun ..that's why I put it in the spoiler another thing is , I've just read the news about Chun and rabbit yesterday ..

But here is one that involves the ring that we see hanging around Chun's neck in THIS picture. hehehe -- P-CE SUPER DRINK” Part 13 : by May, “CE Angels are always on the look-out if ever you become naughty...nonetheless, I do believe you are a faithful hubby”Part 14 : by Leen, “Chun , love eating fishball soup as well ??? I really hope that one day , if you have the chance to go and eat out with Ella , you'll really bring her to eat her fishball soup and wait for her patiently till she finishes her soup ..ehehee.just randomly saying about this..huhuh.knows that you had actually brought her to eat fishball soups for so many times before..uhuks!!! haha asking her if it's okay to marry a bruneian??! Hehe”Part 33 : by Betty, “Chunnie , when are you going to take action? The banana to apple thingy, it's just too obvious that I don't know what to say. Are you going to propose your baobei on the day of your birthday? (I do pray that you'll do something special for BAOBEI! CE angels have been defending you through hell and the accusations are already hurting all of us and will hurt us more if the person we are defending from the bashers is really what they are accusing for.”Part 38 : by mizuki, “Where are you now? I love your slogan "HOPE*DREAM*BELIEVE in LOVE" sounds sooo familiar..since we've used those words so many times. I'm now hoping, dreaming and believing you are with your wife...”Part 39 : by pua, “Chunnie! I'm sure that you've read all the previous messages by CE Angels , right ?? your soon to be father-in-law gives already blessing..hahaha! That's why I probably need to go to the doctor to have my ears checked upon. your wifey is going to celebrate her special day soon, i wonder if you have some "extra special" gifts to her.haha~ i know you won't miss this day, despite of your filming, i'm quite confident you might send her your sweetest greetings ok? Also attends the Seoul Drama Award where Chun repeatedly says how "hot" and "sexy" Ella is in her dress. miss u all badly too ..thanks a lot for missing me ... and Betty , I'll response to your pm in CEFC perhaps this weekend ..really really sorry for taking such a long time to let you know about this ..