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The other 22 pairs of chromosomes do not have any influence on the sex of the child.If the child inherits two X chromosomes (XX), she will be female.

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This means that the sex of the child is determined by the sex chromosome provided from the father's sperm.They are curious about what really determines the sex of their child. In order to answer these questions, we have to look at what happens when a child is conceived.Conception occurs when the father's sperm fertilizes the mother's egg.Bob and Tracey are excited because they're planning to start a family.While they know the basics about how to make a baby, they have heard lots of rumors about what they can do to increase the chances of having a baby boy or having a baby girl.Have you ever heard an old wives' tale about what determines whether a child will be a boy or a girl or what causes twins to be born?

In this lesson, we will explore the biology behind these myths on how sex is determined and how twins are created.

First, let's look more closely at the determination of the child's sex.

A child will inherit 23 chromosomes from its mother and 23 from its father to create 46 total chromosomes that occur in pairs.

Fraternal twins can be the same sex, or there can be one male and one female.

Whether or not the child will be a boy or a girl, or whether twins will develop, depends upon the details surrounding this event.

Now let's look at what could cause Tracey to become pregnant with twins.