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In time, all my students are able to come up with their own BRILLIANT responses that result in turning the whole interaction around into their favour! Are you going to say the same old crap every other guy says to her? This does NOT mean you should agree with her opinions, or points of views, or even have ANYTHING IN COMMON with her!

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My problem with dating is not that I don’t trust men. I am responsible for my choices, and I have made some in the past few years, that were not good. It’s possible that those who believe this saying to be true, have never really been in love. If someone leaves you, and crushes your heart, then it’s not worth it.We had a great date, yet I’m wondering what he thinks about me, when clearly he digs me. It will be a fun evening, and I imagine it will be just a little bit better if you’re there with me.What is hilarious about the whole thing, is that while I am thinking about all of this nonsense, he is thinking about what he will have for lunch. While you think that over, I’ll just wait here, and keep the faith.If you’re wondering where you stand with your partner, here’s how to find out.It happens in nearly every dating relationship that lasts more than a few months: one or both partners initiate ‘The Talk’ to determine where exactly they’re at with each other.Equally, you are also probably tired of hearing the arrogant and ineffective advice from your male friends.

However, have you ever considered what it would be like to get an HONEST female opinion and an HONEST and NO NONSENSE and DIRECT insight into the female mind?

We spend so much time assuming to know what the other person is thinking or feeling, that if we just had the courage to ask them, and they had the courage to reply honestly, there would be much happier couples. I have not been interested in anyone for a long while, so I am second guessing myself. I am strong and independent, yet he makes me feel all girly.

The biggest problem with dating is lack of honesty. I make fun of his accent, he makes fun of my Hebrew, and we share an ease that comes from time, even though we just met.

It also means getting behind the mask she wears ( every girl wears a mask) A girl is NEVER looking for an agreeable man who nods his head to what ever she says.

She is e looking for men who can challenge her and who can MATCH her passion regardless whether his opinions are in line with her or not.

It has taken much time and much trial error and to find out what the ingredients are to attract women, and of course mastering the art of attracting women requires practice, but here are the 5 MAIN RULES that are vital in your success of attracting women and how to talk to a girl.