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Xprofils chat

The bug is being tracked here: bug/799379 However can anyone here help me to understand what the error messages mean and how to get my desired resolution?The gedit files wouldn't upload so I've zipped them in a folder.

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Here are some of the things i've tried without success: Change permissions on /root/bin/and /home/ville/Skrivbord/screenshot to 777 and change owner to root.I've been searching all over the internet for an aswer to this but can't seem to find anything that works for me.I want to run a cron job that automaticly takes a screenshot every minute.My small, perfect home is in a natural setting, in a beautiful neighborhood with great neighbors.If I get a teaching job far away, I will need to dig up my house, yard and the whole neighborhood, and drag it all to my new location, because they are so special.I believe there's no exact duplicate of this question.

I've been reading on converting rows to columns etc, but can't find the way.

I have been away from using my computer for a while and when I returned my Karmic Koala/9.10 installation was no longer supported so I have done a fresh install of Natty Narwhal/11.04.

Currently the available screen resolutions are: 1024x768, 800x600, 848x480, 640x480 @ 60Hz or at least that is what I am told by Menu Monitors.

If the cronjob is being run as a different user, you will have to modify the xprofile script to copy "$XAUTHORITY" to a location accessible by that user, and then edit your cron job to No this is supposed to be on a computer which controls two instuments for atmospheric measurements.

The data from the graphs and terminal etc should be displayed on the instruents homepage for public view and for the scientist to be able to quickly check the status. But i actually run vrontab under root, I will try to run it under user to se if that works better!

An excellent implementation of this system is that of the CUNY academic commons.