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Xspb 6 completo

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In 2009, the versions on DVD were released in a commemorative box containing eight albums.In 2011, the XSPB 11 - Sustentabilidade became his first DVD with 3D technology, costing more than $1 million to Sony Music, becoming the most expensive album of the record label.

XSPB 7 sold another 100,000 copies, making it the eighth best selling DVD in Brazil in 2007.Xuxa só Para Baixinhos 6 or Festa (also known as XSPB 6) is the twenty-ninth studio album and the twenty-second in Portuguese by Brazilian singer and TV host Xuxa, is the sixth album of the collection "Só Para Baixinhos", was released on December 9, 2005.The album Sold more than 1,000,000 copies on DVD, yielding diamond disk.Xuxa só Para Baixinhos 9 or Natal Mágico (also known as XSPB 9) is the thirty-second studio album and the twenty-fifth in Portuguese by Brazilian singer Xuxa, is the ninth album of the collection "Só Para Baixinhos", was released in November 2009.This was the first album in the collection "Só Para Baixinhos" released by the label Sony Music.Aimed at children, the audiovisual contain video clips with subtitled songs, aimed at entertainment and educational development of children 0–14 years.

Since the first edition launched in 2000, the series has sold over 8 million copies, and was nominated six times for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Latin Children's Album, winning twice, in 2001 with Xuxa Só para Baixinhos 2, and in 2002 with the album Xuxa Só para Baixinhos 3.

It was released in the formats VHS, CD, DVD and Blu-Ray, and also was released a bootleg in K7 of the album.

XSPB 6 was the seventh best selling CD of the year in Brazil, and the third among DVDs.

Xuxa só para Baixinhos 4 - Praia (also known as XSPB 4) is the twenty-sixth studio album and the nineteenth in Portuguese by Brazilian singer and TV host Xuxa, is the fourth album in the collection "Só Para Baixinhos".

It was released in July 2003 in the "CD VHS" And released on DVD on November 26, 2003, was remastered and released on CD in 2008 in an economic version.

Com o sucesso absoluto que é o “Xuxa só para Baixinhos”, nada melhor que juntar todas as edições da série em uma maleta personalizada, estilosa e supercompacta.