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If Dwayne can sing (he’s done it several times in his career on different occasions), Vin can dance (at least he used to... Another fun fact: Dwayne has several tats and each tells a story, Vin has none (yes, that x Xx one is fake).But this is what really touched our hearts, without Vin, there would be no Luke Hobbs and no Dwayne in the F&F franchise!

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The physicality But as good as they are together, they’re as unequal apart. While the latter is fighting fit, the former is no pushover, though not exactly in the same league, if one takes their hulkiness into accounts. More so, when you bring Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson into the conversation.The impossibly good-looking 40-plus, chiselled B-O money magnets are the best thing to have happened to Hollywood action films in recent years.This becomes even more apparent when you take into account that Fast Six made $788mn and Furious 5 made $626mn.This is important because Furious 5 is pre-Dwayne F&F while 6 and 7 feature Dwayne almost as prominently as Vin, who was the biggest star of the ensemble cast for the franchise.Think that puts a giant rift between them financially. (he plays Black Adam, the villain; releases 2018), Journey to the Center of the Earth 4, Jumanji and Journey 3 in 2017.

Also releasing in 2017 is Baywatch, which features desi girl Priyanka Chopra and of course, there’s Fast 8, too.

Think Riddick, x Xx, Fast & Furious (obviously), and Guardians Of The Galaxy (though that shouldn’t count as he isn’t the lead there).

He’ll be seen in upcoming installments of all four franchises. He has the charisma to go with his long-staying popularity.

In fact, during a Saturday Night Live monologue Dwayne famously called himself “franchise viagra”.

Superstar spats Factor in that their recent ‘spat’ during the last days of shooting for Fast 8 was lapped up by fans of both stars, with co-stars adding fuel to fire and taking sides.

It was Vin who convinced director Justin Lin to rewrite the character Dwayne now plays, instead of it going to Tommy Lee Jones.