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Inside, Bieber told his adoring audience he thought New Zealand girls were "sexy". The singer was whisked in through the back at the start of the concert and was due to leave via the backdoor after the show without his fans getting a glimpse of him.

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Earlier in the day, Beliebers had camped outside the Sky City Grand Hotel, as the 21-year-old's super fans settled in for an afternoon on Bieber watch.Use Advanced Search to construct more complex searches with multiple keywords.The Media Collections Guide is for browsing subject areas that are not well addressed by subject headings."We all just ran up to his car and then I went up to his car and he's like can you please get off my car?"I was like 'oh my god, he's so good, he's so gorgeous'."Bieber attracted about 300 girls and four boys to the radio station as he was being interviewed inside.First we went to Victoria Park skate park, that's where he was hanging out last time, and then we thought we'd head here.

Apparently, he'll be in the city again tonight," Fisher said.

Photo: The Edge Ruby, 14, was among the throng of 300 fans that staked out the Auckland Media Works studio on Thursday afternoon.

As Bieber walked out the front and the crowd swarmed Ruby took her shot at getting into the vehicle.

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Bieber is playing an intimate gig for 150 competition winners at the Tyler Street Garage bar.