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Yoked dating

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Although less than $1000, it still was steep at around $400/annual and $500/lifetime (or until married).After joining, I went to the website and was very disappoined to discover that there are only 75 men in my area and age group (45-55).

The EY website is very basic; after giving them so much money I would expect to have more user-friendly features. I am thoroughly disappointed and wish I could get my money back. I heard in another discussion board a man admits to finding his wife through their service.I thought them to be some kind of social club and reuested more info.The most important piece of advice is that saying he knows Christ doesn't mean he has a relationship with Him.Marriage based on a common faith is for our benefit, blessing and protection. Make the decision to follow Him and allow Him to help you find the right mate for you.He pretty much kept this a secret while dating and early on into the marriage. I try to lead by example and pray god will touch his heart. I joined Equally Yoked (EY) several months ago after many fruitless months of searching the internet dating sites, both Christian and secular.

I talked to the southern California rep several times, and she painted a great picture about the quality of men available on their website, so I joined.

The picture of two oxen bound (or yoked) together is often used to explain this Scripture. Otherwise, they will fight with one another and experience exhaustion.

The same is true of two people who marry but don't share a common faith.

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I was browsing around one time and found Equally Yoked.

A rep called me and said they were a dating service, and asked that I come in to Atlanta for an interview.