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A madcap series of accidental and eventually premeditated murders follow to keep up the ruse, in a story with obvious inspiration in Mystery of the Wax Museum and House of Wax.

He plays a rather slow-witted worker in a Bohemian cafe who is unintentionally hailed as a great sculptor after accidentally killing a cat and covering its body in clay to hide the evidence.No moviemakers are included in this list, just channels that can help you brush off on your movie knowledge in time for the Oscars.Before we get started with this interview I highly recommended you grab a copy of our first ever print magazine.Volume 1 of 99 Percent Lifestyle has a limited print run and features a lot of movie related articles such as a behind the scenes look at the Martian, an interview with producer Adi Shankar (Dredd, Lone Survivor, The Grey) and a behind the scenes look at indie filmmaking. About: Chris Stuckmann is one of the best movie critics I have ever seen and also one of my all-time favorite Youtubers.He always provides an unbiased review in an entertaining video and covers not only new releases but also films from the past.I’ve always been a fan of the movie industry as a whole and an admirer of the elements involved individually in the creation process.

As time has gone on I’ve found myself digesting movie news and reviews in a digital video format instead of print.

The Ring Director: Alfred Hitchcock Year: 1927While he crafted screenplays his whole career, Alfred Hitchcock’s only sole screenwriting credit was for The Ring, a silent boxing film depicting a scandalous love triangle.

While he makes the mistake of creating such an unlikable woman that you hope she doesn’t end up with anyone, he shows his impeccable sense of structure and visual wit.

Most notably, you can find 13 different Alfred Hitchcock movies streaming free on You Tube. A Bucket of Blood Year: 1959 Director: Roger Corman A Bucket of Blood captures B-movie maven Roger Corman in a transitional period, after his early, shoddy monster movies and before his more acclaimed, Edgar Allen Poe-inspired gothic horror pieces.

Here, he turned to comedy for the first time, effectively satirizing his own cheapo oeuvre while also drawing parallels to early classics of the horror genre.

At the moment, you can see everything from Toy Story to Monty Python’s The Holy Grail for free—if you don’t mind occasional crappy audio and the fact that some Russian You Tuber is totally ignoring copyright law.