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Zachary levi and yvonne strahovski dating in real life

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Was it fun to do these next episodes where they're together? I think Chuck has taught her over the seasons how to sort of be more normal.I think she relaxes somewhat and she doesn't hold her feelings in so much.

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What did you think of how Chuck and Sarah finally got together? There are only so many obstacles Chuck and Sarah can face.After [Monday's "Chuck" episode], I think it's such a relief for her.She tried to find something else with Shaw but it's just not the same.And his take was that he was the kind of guy she'd been with in the past, so that was somehow comforting to her. Yeah, I agree, it kind of goes back to what I was saying before -- she doesn't know how to be a normal person and normal people I guess don't appeal to her because she's not really around them.To me as an actor, what I sort of rode on was the fact that they both lost people who were really important to them in the spy world. They had an emotional understanding about each other. Will we see any more of Sarah's family or parents in the last part of the season?I don't know, I would say maybe more dramatic I guess, in a way, because some problems occur later on. There was a lot for Sarah to deal with in Season 3 -- opening up to Chuck, then him choosing not to run off with her, her watching him change and contending with her own feelings and all that. The more complicated it gets, the more fun I have as an actress doing it. The journey this season was kind of more complicated.

Was this the most challenging season for you as an actress or was it on par with the previous seasons? She wanted to [run off] and Chuck rejected that idea, and I don't think she was expecting that at all. I think she wanted to open up but that kind of stopped her and she went back to square one.

"It's definitely different from anything I've done," Strahovski said over the phone last week from Los Angeles, happy to be back at her home-away-from-homeland base after a late-night flight. An Australian native whose Polish parents emigrated to the Land Down Under before she was born, the 33-year-old glamour girl with a dazzling smile brought some spicy acting chops to the portrayal of Crowley, a troubled woman who has more complex sides -- and private demons -- than your typical '40s femme fatale.

And perhaps in danger of forever being typecast as an ass-kicking super-spy a la Chuck's Sarah Walker or 24's Kate Morgan, Strahovski seemed to relish a chance to transform into the other woman.

They both realized that whatever they were trying to look for in other people, they're never going to find it, because it's right there in front of them.

You know, it wasn't your performance at all, and I was upfront with Chris Fedak about this -- I didn't quite understand why Sarah was with Shaw.

is certainly a woman of action -- when not busting up spy rings, she's often busting the heads of villains with her wicked fighting skills.