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Zero rejection dating ebook

Other winners included Droga5 for Heineken, Wieden Kennedy for Three UK, AMV BBDO for Pepsi Co and the US navy with its Project Architeuthis campaign.Eightytwenty won for its campaign for the Irish Immigrant Council, which used the Tinder dating app in an entirely unexpected and unusual way.

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The agency created 17 false profiles of women – without Tinder knowing and with images posed by models – and engaged with thousands of men on the app.Others urged casting invalid ballots that would not count in the final tally, but still could be interpreted as rejecting the government's “zero migrants” policies.Nearly 400,000 migrants passed through Hungary last year while making their way toward Western Europe.Fifty-percent-plus-one-vote was needed for the referendum to be valid.About four per cent of the votes were spoiled — twice as many as in any of the other four referenda held since 1997 — driving down the number of valid votes to just below 40 per cent.With 99.25 per cent of the votes counted, more than 3.2 million voters — or 98.3 per cent of those who cast valid ballots — backed the government.

But turnout stood at 43.9 per cent, the National Election Office said.

If a majority of voters agree, Hungary's parliament would pass legislation to advance the referendum's goal whether or not turnout was sufficient for a valid election, he said.

While the referendum has no binding legal consequences for the EU, Mr Orban hoped its passage would increase pressure on Brussels.

The referendum asked: “Do you want the European Union to be able to prescribe the mandatory settlement of non-Hungarian citizens in Hungary even without the consent of Parliament?

” Orban's right-wing, anti-immigrant Fidesz party claimed victory immediately after voting stations closed, saying its own projections based on exit polls showed that 95 per cent of voters supported the government position despite an expected turnout of only 45 per cent.

The EU will see that while there is a majority against the quota, it's not the most important issue for Hungarians.” Separately from the referendum, the Mr Orban government is also suing at the European Court of Justice because of the EU's 2015 decision to relocate 160,000 asylum seekers from overburdened Greece and Italy.